Saison XCVIII – Week #4

Freitag, 06. Oktober 2017

In Woche vier gab’s den ersten Sieg für mich! Mit dem Blowout der Woche 120.58 zu 67.26 konnte ich die rote Lampe abgeben.

Ich hoffe diesen Trend in Woche #5 fortsetzen zu können. Immerhin kommen meine Running Backs jetzt langsam ins laufen und wenn die WR einigermaßen performen, sollte etwas gehen. Es sei denn mein Gegner legt 110+ Punkte hin.
Aus dem Recap zitiere ich an dieser Stelle sehr gern:

  • Team Chemistry (c) got the second-highest point total this season and mercilessly danced on the burned-out remains of End Zone Ninjas 120.58 to 67.26.
  • This one goes on the highlight reel at the end of the season. Le’Veon Bell scored 30.60 points, the highest of any player on Team Chemistry (c) this season.
  • Team Chemistry (c) is either a fortune teller or really knows their stuff. Charles Clay, who was picked up by Team Chemistry (c), scored 11.20 points against a projected 6.92, topping his projection by 61.8%.
  • Three of the starters for Team Chemistry (c) scored higher than the leading scorer for End Zone Ninjas
  • The win by Team Chemistry (c) snapped a three-game losing streak.
  • End Zone Ninjas got beat so bad, their own mother doesn’t recognize them. It was the worst loss of the season for them, with the margin of victory coming in at 53.32 points.

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